Fight for love

Somewhere between mind and soul:
– You think you’ll ever find out? It’s taking forever … it’s been a while, and all I get is bad signs
– But what do they mean?
– I wish i knew
– I hope we’ll find out soon
– Yeah, we can’t keep holding on to this
– But I want to know now … I need to
– Why are you so stubborn?
– Because i either want peace or what’s mine back
– We don’t know what’s going to happen next, maybe it was not meant to be, everything happens for a reason, think positive, look for love somewhere else
– Yeah right, like it is that easy.

One thing’s for sure, life has an odd way of showing us what really matters, those obstacles are there for a reason, either you’re doing the wrong thing, or you are just passing through a test. There will always be unfinished bussines and unanswered questions when it comes to love. There will always be that one person in your mind and soul, that no matter how much you will try, you just can’t forget. We will get the answers to every question of ours, when we will be ready to see the reallity and when we finally do, we will understand. The truth is, you can find love everywhere, you just have to walk with your heart open.

I hope you find true love, and when you do, please don’t let it go. Fight for what’s worth fighting for, for your feelings, for what you believe in, for peace, fight for love!

Besos, A

3 thoughts on “Fight for love

  1. I don’t think we should be fighting for love. If we love something, that will come to us, since it was meant for us. Else it simply didn’t even though we want it. Than ego kept us trying to take it whereas since it was never meant to be for us, we never get it.

    The end result we get frustrated

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