The sunlight of a new beginning

Open your window early in the morning. Inhale the fresh air. Let the sunlight warm your skin. Start your day with a prayer.
Take a walk to the market and buy your favorite flowers. Smile and look around. Enjoy every moment and laugh. Respond with kindness. If it rains, feel it. If it snows, let it.
Take a second to remember, take a minute to be thankful, take the chance to go somewhere. Explore the world.

Try to be happy. Try to love. Try to believe. Try to hope. Try to dream bigger. Try to be happy. Try to love. Try to believe. Try to hope. Try to dream bigger. Don’t settle. Travel. Work. Relax. Work harder. Make memories.

Besos, A

Somos instantes

Cada vez que pienso en ti
Es como una poesía
Que aveces esta llena de amor,
Aveces de melancolía

No solo es la soledad
Que me atormenta en cada momento
No solo es la obscuridad
Que no nos deja estar contentos

Yo le hablo a la Luna
De ti, pero ella no me entiende
Cree que estoy exagerada
Pensando en ti constantemente

Tú le hablas de tu amor
Al Sol, y pareces muy contento
Le dices mentiras de dolor
Del corazón que no está abierto

Besos, A


Visit Greece #Skiathos

Packed with pine trees, natural landscape and having over 60 stunning and exotic beaches with crystal-clear azure waters, Skiathos Greece is a paradise for nature lovers.

Being this far north in the Aegean, the Skiathos season is relatively short, and the sea warms up late in spring. Beach bars and seaside tavernas are only guaranteed to be up and running between early June and mid-September, and some nightclubs or beach facilities shut weeks earlier.


Skiathos Town, on the southeast coast, is the attractive main port with a small cobbled old town of narrow whitewashed alleys. The only other settlement is tiny south-coast Troulos, 8km southwest.

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Besos, A


Momentos de la vida

Me he encontrado en muchos momentos de mi vida, en ese rincón de mi corazón, preguntándome a dónde voy, qué voy a hacer, qué va a pasar en el proximo segundo.
Sigo sin entender porque aveces hay que caer para levantarse, hay que estar inconciente para despertarse o hay que llorar para alegrarte despues de una sonrisa.


En la búsqueda de una razon, en la búsqueda del amor, en la búsqueda de aquela esperanza, es dificil encontrarse a uno mismo igual. Estas cosas que uno llama momentos de la vida, te cambian.
Tal vez esta es la esencia de la vida, tal vez tenemos que seguir buscando lo que nos hace feliz en cada instante, tal vez tenemos que arriesgarlo todo por un sueño, o talvez solo hay que abrir los ojos y dar gracias. Por todo y por tanto!

Besos, A!




Cuvinte alese

Psihologii spun multe, important este sa iei aceea parte care te intereseaza, aceea piesa lipsa din puzzle-ul vietii tale, acele cuvinte de incurajare, care resimtite puternic de tine, iti pot schimba viata.

Psihologii spun cuvinte de suflet pentru suflet, si chiar daca ceea ce spun acum nu te ajuta, acele cuvinte iti vor ramane intiparite in memorie, iar cand intr-o zi din viata ta vor fi nori pe cer, si vei vrea macar o raza de lumina, sa iti aduci aminte , ca speranta o gasesti mereu in sufletul tau, si ca orice ti s-ar intampla, ea va murii intotdeauna ultima.

Cheers! #around the world


Cheers , for the ones who never stop dreaming, to the stars who listen, for the hero inside of you, for the “crazy rebels” ones who think that they can change the world, for the ones that love deeply without fear, for the ones who dare to try, the ones who fight for their believes, for the people who help each other, for the beautiful minds that inspire others,  the ones that make this world a better place to live in. Cheers for the ones that are following me for this 3 amazing years of blogging!

                                                 Thank you so much!


Fight for love

Somewhere between mind and soul:
– You think you’ll ever find out? It’s taking forever … it’s been a while, and all I get is bad signs
– But what do they mean?
– I wish i knew
– I hope we’ll find out soon
– Yeah, we can’t keep holding on to this
– But I want to know now … I need to
– Why are you so stubborn?
– Because i either want peace or what’s mine back
– We don’t know what’s going to happen next, maybe it was not meant to be, everything happens for a reason, think positive, look for love somewhere else
– Yeah right, like it is that easy.

One thing’s for sure, life has an odd way of showing us what really matters, those obstacles are there for a reason, either you’re doing the wrong thing, or you are just passing through a test. There will always be unfinished bussines and unanswered questions when it comes to love. There will always be that one person in your mind and soul, that no matter how much you will try, you just can’t forget. We will get the answers to every question of ours, when we will be ready to see the reallity and when we finally do, we will understand. The truth is, you can find love everywhere, you just have to walk with your heart open.

I hope you find true love, and when you do, please don’t let it go. Fight for what’s worth fighting for, for your feelings, for what you believe in, for peace, fight for love!

Besos, A

* See the world #2

Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.


And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want, on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.


Traveling is more than having a destination in your mind, is discovering a place in your heart you’ve never been before.

Besos, A

Dejarte de amar


Mientras trato de dormir
Mi pensamiento vuela hacia a ti
A ese beso que nunca te di
Pues es que nunca entendí
Como paso
Y porque te perdi

Caminando en el tiempo
Luchando contra el viento
Vivo soñando en tenerte
Sigo pensando en quererte


Amarte mas no se puede
Lo mas fuerte, aun me duele
Corazon, que culpa tiene
Esperar algo que no viene

Sera mas facil intentar de olvidarte?
Lo mas cierto
Es imposible dejar de amarte.

Besos, A

* Feeling free

“The mountains are my bones,the rivers my veins
The forests are my thoughts, and the stars are my dreams
The ocean is my heart, it’s pounding is my pulse
The songs of the Earth write the music of my soul”


It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss. Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magical whisper of old trees.


Take me to a quiet place. With earth under our backs, cradle in a forest glade, there we will point out the things we see and acknowledge those things we do not. In solitude we take in the wisdom offered in each other and take in the hum of the forest.

Besos, A