The sunlight of a new beginning

Open your window early in the morning. Inhale the fresh air. Let the sunlight warm your skin. Start your day with a prayer.
Take a walk to the market and buy your favorite flowers. Smile and look around. Enjoy every moment and laugh. Respond with kindness. If it rains, feel it. If it snows, let it.
Take a second to remember, take a minute to be thankful, take the chance to go somewhere. Explore the world.

Try to be happy. Try to love. Try to believe. Try to hope. Try to dream bigger. Try to be happy. Try to love. Try to believe. Try to hope. Try to dream bigger. Don’t settle. Travel. Work. Relax. Work harder. Make memories.

Besos, A

Momentos de la vida

Me he encontrado en muchos momentos de mi vida, en ese rincón de mi corazón, preguntándome a dónde voy, qué voy a hacer, qué va a pasar en el proximo segundo.
Sigo sin entender porque aveces hay que caer para levantarse, hay que estar inconciente para despertarse o hay que llorar para alegrarte despues de una sonrisa.


En la búsqueda de una razon, en la búsqueda del amor, en la búsqueda de aquela esperanza, es dificil encontrarse a uno mismo igual. Estas cosas que uno llama momentos de la vida, te cambian.
Tal vez esta es la esencia de la vida, tal vez tenemos que seguir buscando lo que nos hace feliz en cada instante, tal vez tenemos que arriesgarlo todo por un sueño, o talvez solo hay que abrir los ojos y dar gracias. Por todo y por tanto!

Besos, A!




Cuvinte alese

Psihologii spun multe, important este sa iei aceea parte care te intereseaza, aceea piesa lipsa din puzzle-ul vietii tale, acele cuvinte de incurajare, care resimtite puternic de tine, iti pot schimba viata.

Psihologii spun cuvinte de suflet pentru suflet, si chiar daca ceea ce spun acum nu te ajuta, acele cuvinte iti vor ramane intiparite in memorie, iar cand intr-o zi din viata ta vor fi nori pe cer, si vei vrea macar o raza de lumina, sa iti aduci aminte , ca speranta o gasesti mereu in sufletul tau, si ca orice ti s-ar intampla, ea va murii intotdeauna ultima.

* Feeling free

“The mountains are my bones,the rivers my veins
The forests are my thoughts, and the stars are my dreams
The ocean is my heart, it’s pounding is my pulse
The songs of the Earth write the music of my soul”


It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss. Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magical whisper of old trees.


Take me to a quiet place. With earth under our backs, cradle in a forest glade, there we will point out the things we see and acknowledge those things we do not. In solitude we take in the wisdom offered in each other and take in the hum of the forest.

Besos, A


“In a world where everyone is overexposed, the best thing you can do is keep your mystery.”

But listen,
I also know that there are people who stop and smile at tiny plants growing out of sidewalks cracks, people who laugh so hard they snort, people who compliment others randomly, people who take pictures of their friends because they love seeing their friends happy, people who ramble about things that they are passionate about, people who blush and stutter, people who are kind, people who are warm, people who love and love and love.

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The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you,simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.

Besos, A

From soul to soul

It’s been a long time since i haven’t wrote something from the bottom of my heart. It’s hard sometimes to say some things. But what do we do when we can’t take it anymore?! Everybody wants to know that recipe, because it is the best in this world. Well, it depends on how you see the problem. And i know, i know … we all want to be on a tropical island,under a palmtree,watching the ocean and feeling the waves and the sand, away from all the drama and the stress. It’s sounds absolutely amazing! Just imagine …

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But, back to reality, all we need to know is that everything is just pefectly sincronized. You just have to keep the hope alive, to believe that whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever your problem is, there is always a solution, a light that is bright at the end of the tunnel, in which you will find your answers and everything you are looking for. The last thing you can do in this life is lose your hope. I don’t care what your thoughts are, I just care that in the bottom of your heart, there is still a little bit of faith left. I can’t tell you when or how , but i can assure you that everything will be alright and and you will be happy, extremly happy and more stronger. Don’t forget that good things take time and this battle with your thoughts and the difficult road you are crossing now, will lead you somewhere even more beautiful than you are expecting. Life is a real mistery, and the fighter in you will enjoy every insecurity and every failure, because later, little does he know, how much he will laugh.

12 things

1. The past cannot be changed
2. Opinions don’t define your reality
3. Everyone’s journey is different
4. Things always get better in time
5. Judgements are a confession of character
6. Happiness is found within


7. Positive thoughts create positive things
8. Overthinking will lead to sadness
9. Smiles are contagious
10. Kindness is free
11. You only fail if you quit
12. What goes around, comes around